Case Study: Stop Human Trafficking with Data (Paxata & Polaris)

July 30, 2019

Free Download – Paxata & Polaris Case Study: Asset Description: Polaris leverages data and technology to systematically disrupt human trafficking networks, help survivors restore their freedom and prevent future victims. Polaris primarily collects data from a central, National Human Trafficking Hotline that it operates. Additionally, Polaris gathers data from third-party databases and public sources. Although this data is invaluable for Polaris’ analysts, much of it is not inherently ready for analytical purposes. Polaris analysts must transform and reshape the data to accurately identify: • Demographics of victims and traffickers • Recruitment locations, routes, and networks • How people are recruited and what jobs they are offered “Or mission is to use real-time data collection and analysis to build a safety net for survivors and simultaneously disrupt trafficking networks.” – Tessa Couture, Data Analyst, Polaris Explore how Paxata empowers Polaris to disrupt human trafficking networks with data. For all of Paxata's resources, visit: For more about Paxata Self-Service Data Prep, visit: Music Credits: Stay Positive by Free Stock Music (FSM) Music by

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