eBook: 5 Key Enablers to Accelerate Value From Your Cloud Data Lake - Best Practice Guide (Paxata)

July 30, 2019

Free Download – Paxata eBook: https://go.paxata.com/5-Key-Data-Lake-Enablers-eBook.html Asset Description: Data lakes have become a crucial component for organizations in modernizing their data architecture. But according to Gartner, 90% of deployed data lakes will be rendered useless as they are overwhelmed with information assets captured for uncertain use cases*. This new eBook offers solutions to this problem. Download it to learn: • The pervasive problems and challenges with extracting value from data lakes • Five key capabilities that will set you up for data lake success • How Paxata's Self-Service Data Preparation accelerates gaining business benefits from your data lake * Gartner Derive Value from Data Lakes Using Analytics Design Patterns, Svenltana Sicular, Joao Tapadinhas, Cindi Howson, 26 September 2017 For all of Paxata's resources, visit: https://www.paxata.com/resources/ For more about Paxata Self-Service Data Prep, visit: https://www.paxata.com/ Music Credits: Good Morning Sunshine by Free Stock Music (FSM) Music by https://www.free-stock-music.com https://www.free-stock-music.com/good-morning-sunshine.html

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5 Key Enablers to Accelerate Value from Your Cloud Data Lake
5 Key Enablers to Accelerate Value from Your Cloud Data Lake

Download this eBook to learn five important competencies that will accelerate your ability to extract value...