How Nationwide Created a Successful Data Culture

June 13, 2019 Farnaz Erfan

By Farnaz Erfan

We just hosted a webcast with Nationwide, where Mark Marshalek and Aaron Bell from their Capability Uplift team discussed how they built a thriving data culture within their organization.

To develop and foster a data culture, Nationwide first needed to overcome numerous challenges, such as changing existing and engrained user behaviors. One example was replacing Excel and other data preparation tools that did not support the governance, repeatability, and scale that Nationwide required.

With an assortment of analytic and business intelligence environments spread across multiple business units and handled by individuals with divergent skill levels (i.e., from data analysts to data science professionals), Nationwide yearned for a solution that could harmonize disparate workloads and create efficiency across all departments.

Critical to their success was finding a self-service solution, so individuals within different departments could learn and use it independently without relying upon a centralized IT team to prepare and integrate data for them. Concurrently, the solution needed to possess the appropriate amount of control and repeatability, so that business continuity was ensured even as people shifted positions and stepped into new roles.

Once Nationwide selected Paxata as their self-service data preparation solution, they crafted a well-devised plan to get started, ramped up, and running at full speed in less than 6 months.

Their results are quite impressive:

  • Over 600 individuals at Nationwide currently use Paxata to prepare data for analytics
  • Created business value across 76 business units, including more than $7 million in savings in Finance & Accounting alone
  • 35+ new users are added monthly and counting

We invite you to view the webcast on-demand. In the webcast, you will also hear Nationwide’s answers to several audience questions, including:

  • How do employees communicate their learnings at Nationwide?
  • How did Nationwide change people’s engrained behavior, such as those who preferred using Excel?
  • What best practices should we apply for onboarding Paxata?

Click here to watch the webcast.

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